Hygienium supports efforts to limit the effects of the pandemic. Representatives of Grande Gloria Production, the producer of the Romanian disinfectant brand Hygienium, participated on Tuesday, at the Diplomatic Club in Bucharest, in the event "Together we protect Romania", organized by MediaUno and the National Institute of Statistics.

During the dedicated sessions, such as Health and Tourism, the representatives of the authorities and those of the business environment discussed the necessary measures to reduce and prevent the occurrence of coronavirus cases.

During this period, Hygienium launched several support programs for the business environment, schools and institutions, in order to provide disinfectant products, authorized by the Ministry of Health, to generate additional safety.

,, In this period of pandemic, with multiple health and economic challenges, Grande Gloria Production, the manufacturer of Hygienium disinfectants, launched a large social responsibility campaign, aimed at helping the business environment and the general public to be aware of the risks of pandemics and to adopt the optimal protection measures. The ongoing Hygienium campaign has materialized in several directions. Grande Gloria Production has started preparations for the launch of an online support platform for Romanian companies. Within this approach, together with a series of accredited companies, the first steps were taken for the development of accreditation and support services for companies in the HORECA sector. Together with experts in the accreditation sector and based on discussions with state authorities, we want to develop optimal solutions that companies can implement quickly (disinfection rules, specialized products, staff training programs) in order to ensure a safe environment in which employees and customers can avoid the danger of contamination with COVID-19 '', said Constantin Danciu, development director of Grande Gloria Production.

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