The story of Grande Natura continues ...

We say with confidence and determination that we are on a permanent journey of evolution and flourishing. We started this road with Grande Natura water, carefully bottled from the White Mountains (Crete), the area with the cleanest springs in Greece.

As the consumer is at the center of our business, we want to constantly offer him more, better, healthier. We put quality first and consider that it springs from responsibility.

We like to write our stories beautifully and with a great passion for taste, that's why our products are carefully selected, from the time of harvest until the last stage - preservation. All this to bring to your plate everything that nature has more precious.

Grande Natura delights you with an assortment of fruit, vegetable and staple products.

100% natural

They do not contain preservatives and antioxidants

  • Vegetables and fruits are important sources of nutrients, in all forms - canned, fresh, frozen or dried
  • The preservation process does not block the nutrients, they remain stable until they are consumed. Conservation only offers a longer shelf life, which also helps to reduce damage caused by damage.
  • Recipes prepared with preserves are comparable both nutritionally and sensorially to those prepared using freshly cooked and / or frozen ingredients
  • Moreover, canned food is a safe, airtight packaging option, reducing the risk of disease and food contamination through packaging.

Grande Natura - the flavor of nature on the table!

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